Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the cartilage coverings at the end of your femur or top of your tibia begin to wear down. Two special cartilage pads are found on the tibia called menisci (one called a meniscus). The cartilage becomes brittle, bone spurs develop, the joint becomes stiff, the range of motion becomes reduced, and there is weakness, pain, difficulty walking, climbing stairs and getting out of/into chairs. Physical therapy can be used to improve range of motion, strength, walking abilities, and pain management. Aquatic therapy, which often involves a personalized exercise program, can be very helpful.

Physical therapy is a form of physical therapy that helps patients recover their range of motion, pain management and strength. It also assists with walking and balance. Patients often ask, “Why did you have this surgery?” Be patient. You will need to rest for at least three months before you can fully recover.

Osteoarthritis for more information.


Possible Treatment Goals

  • Improve Balance
  • Improve ability to bear weight/stand on the leg(s)
  • Improve Fitness
  • Improve Function
  • Optimize Joint Alignment
  • Improve Muscle Strength and Power
  • Increase Oxygen to Tissues
  • Improve Proprioception
  • Decrease Postoperative Complications
  • Improve Range of Motion
  • Improve Relaxation
  • Self-care of Symptoms
  • Improve Safety
  • Improve Tolerance for Prolonged Activities
  • Improve Wound Healing